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HR Consulting

We have more than 50 successfully completed projects in all areas of HR management, both in corporate environment and as external consultants. Use our experience to ensure competitive advantage through measurable improvements in your employees’ and organization’s performance.

What we can do for you

- Establishing and strategic development of HR function, including policies, processes and practices for optimization of human capital management
- Competency Modelling
- Performance Management
- Succession Planning
- GDPR compliance of the HR function
- Measuring ROI in Human Capital



Our services include

- Executive search
- Recruitment of talent with specific functional knowledge and expertise
- Direct search (headhunting)

Multiple sources to identify best candidates.
Our database, professional network of esteemed and seasoned experts to source best candidates, and utilization of modern technologies give us access to most suitable passive and active talent.

Trustworthy methods of evaluation.
We use proven methods of evaluation of candidates’ professional and personal competencies and traits.

Faster, more effective and with better terms.
Our selection methods enable us to find talent faster and to evaluate them more thoroughly. Our offering’s terms are one of the most reasonable on the market.

Flat fee agreed in advance.
We will not charge clients based on percentage of monthly or yearly salary agreed with the candidates, so you can estimate and budget more precisely your HR expenses. 



The trainings Langmann offers are designed for the Management and HR teams of the companies and aim at acquiring skills and applying proven practices for human capital management.

The development programs are designed and delivered according to the client’s needs and below are some of the development topics:

- Talent sourcing and interviewing techniques
- Performance Management
- People Development
- Pay and Benefits Strategy
- Problem behavior and how to deal with it
- Resolving Conflict
- Workplace Politics

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